Are you ready for more

happiness meaning confidence fulfillment in your life?

Are you ready for more

happiness meaning confidence fulfillment empowerment in your life?


Men's Coaching

Together we will slow things down, get to the root of the pain, shift belief systems, and engage in the questions that really matter.

Private Intensives

One to multi-day private intensives at Hucklebone Farm, Pieter’s farmstead/retreat center  in Western Colorado.

Group Training

Online and in-person trainings and men’s groups to take your personal practice to the next level.

Guiding high-performing men on a journey of the heart

What you wonder about, I believe in. What you secretly desire, I nudge you to have more of. What you imagine for your life, I insist you create. What you think you have to offer this world, I challenge you to give.



Shame Keeps Us as Strangers to Each Other, to Ourselves

February 5, 2023
  For the longest time, it seems, I have struggled with shame. Like the invisible…

Men: Beware This Dead End

September 26, 2021
I want to talk about a dead end that is a potential pitfall for us…

You Already Know It All, Right?

September 26, 2021
One analogy I like to introduce in my men’s work is to picture ourselves as…

Stories of Success

You really listened and were with me fully. You heard me, you connected, you knew what I was talking about. You didn't project your own stuff, your own past on me. You were clean, you did your own work - by far the greatest thing.

Craig Holliday

Pieter is an incredible facilitator of growth and integration. His insight and guidance encouraged me to ripen into a better version of myself and to show up as a stronger husband and father. Pieter has a unique offering of holding space and helping others cultivate heart, mind, and spirit in an embodied way.

Noah Goldstein

Working with you has been a true pleasure. You have a wonderful gift to give, and true capacity for bringing out greatness and causing breakthroughs. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others looking for coaching.

Karen Abe