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How do we compete while staying true?
How do we keep up without losing our inner narrative?
How do we run without running away?
How do we stay relevant?

It seems to me that most of us are not setting the terms of our overall narrative. Most of us – myself included – are playing catchup. We reserve our core truth for those cozy places where it won’t be challenged. But out there – in the world, where people are watching – we go along to get along, at least most of the time.

It seems to me the only way to set the terms of the narrative – to define what is relevant – is to adopt a beautiful narrative. Your customers will find you because you are standing for something that resonates in them. This is incredibly hard, today. How do you make money and stay true – really, truly true – to what you know to be a beautiful narrative?

When in Rome DON’T do as the Romans do. Be beautiful, give gifts, make culture and be a person that makes a solid enough soil of your life that several generations can plant themselves in your physical and spiritual echo.

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