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White men

By November 9, 2016No Comments

We’re going to have us a little chat. You may not want to yet. That’s fine. I’ll start without you.

As my friend Brendan says, “it is long past time” for us to begin this dialogue.

What’s the subject you ask?

Our privilege.

Our blind, inherited, skin-tight, culturally-woven, grief-externalizing, woman-suppressing, nature-fearing, don’t-topple-the-apple-cart-of-our-fragile-hold-on-reality, “grab em by the pu$$y,” “it’s not my fault, I was born into it,” history-ignoring, origin-forgetting, “I want what I want when I want it” mother f’ing privilege.

I’m gonna admit some things. You’re gonna admit some things. We’re gonna get uncomfortable. We’re gonna get mad. We’re gonna get scared. This isn’t men’s work, it’s cultural regeneration.

I’m calling you out. I’m calling me out!

We have to come forward. We have to be vocal. We have to be humble. We have to be willing to admit things we don’t want to admit, and shouldn’t have needed a Trump presidency to admit.

I am well open to suggestions as to where and how we have this conversation. I’m not even trying to start or lead anything, but I will if I have to. We could start small, just a few of us.

To you brothers embedded in this already, please pull me into whatever’s been started, tag me in conversations on this. I want to contribute, I want to join, I want to learn.

Thank you. Massive love and intention. ❤️

(Tagged 60 or so of you in no particular order)

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