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I just had this revelation.

I have been so hung up on going “against” things, standing “against” things, thinking that I was doing the world a favor by standing against the things that are “wrong.”

Even after years (years) of reflections from the universe about how this strategy fails to generate results, I persisted.

I am realizing now that, corny as it sounds, there *IS* (literally) no other mechanism for change and growth than orienting towards wants, i.e. pleasure, desire, action, beauty, love and connection.

Some part of me always wants to be right, wants to point out the missing thing, but I am realizing this is due to a frustration of feeling that I can’t have what I want and therefore I have to take the role of critic to scratch out some ecological role that can kind of nibble at the scraps from the table of those making change, always in some negative, stealing way.

The truth is, the world is energy, and we only make ourselves – and each other – happy by feeding the core of life. We do that by allowing ourselves to want.

We are required to desire.

In giving the gift of believing that we can have what we want – and then wanting – and then feeding others wants – there is a tiny death that happens as the body learns a new thing: we can’t get rid of what we don’t want, we can only orient towards what we do want. And doing that, vulnerably, openly, persistently, actually creates an infinitely more satisfying life than if the negating, critical parts of us ever got even 1000x more than they wanted.

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