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By March 27, 2017No Comments

I love bodies.

I love curve, curl and crunch.

I love breath, and hands, and awakeness, blinking.

I love the cool, giving floor along the plain of my foot, finding new terrain in each peach-petal step.

I love our heads, our hair, our necks, and the way we extend from here into the beyond here, again and again.

I love music.

I love finding ourselves again and again in the beat, in the ambient, in the ringing bells of awake air.

This body.

This moment.

This heart, this place.

We make a place of our bodies, an offering of our movement, a gift to the lips of God like a sweet mug of honey.

We are one body-dancing-bodies, opening down.

Each moment a prayer, each moment a blessing.

Singing the gift of the world back to itself.

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