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Men that are trustable get that service is part of the package of being a man, an adult human. They awake to this (initially) bitter truth, and learn to choose a master, proactively, again and again. In everything they do, they are co-creators: of vision, mission, organization, family or community.

Their devotion becomes their liberation.

Men that are not trustable are no less beholden to the bondage of service, but because they do not choose it and in fact resent it, instead regard themselves as endless victims, seeking to lash out or collapse in order to get free.

They bristle at hierarchy, resist reality, and never decide to take responsibility for their pain or their joy, because they don’t get that as much as they want it to be all about them, the secret to being of service is realizing it’s NEVER about them.

In fleeing their enslavement, they remain enslaved.

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