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I feel silly admitting this.

Today I learned that if I want to live my soul awakening …
… while simultaneously writing about my learning …
I actually have to learn and grow every day.

It’s funny, this is news to some large part of me.
This must be that thing they call humble pie.

It feels like, as new as this knowing is …
It has kind of dinged in me like a cake timer …
And as I pull it from the oven,
I recognize its form as something I designed.

It’s my karma to live at my edge.

This has rarely resulted in acclaim
Or social acceptance.
Two things I have longed for.

And I wonder if it might have something to do
With my having placed the one (social acceptance)
Before the other (karma).

So weird that I actually believed I could
Hack my way around doing the work
And just rely on some kind of entitlement
Or brilliance.

The thing is, I’d rather be open, raw and alive
Than private, static and oh so smart…

So it seems the work points back on itself
Back to the work.

Just keeping you posted on my learnings.


(Photo credit: Corinne Dove)

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