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Self Knowledge

By November 24, 2017No Comments

The more I step into my power lately, the more I have the experience where I find myself realizing – remembering – seemingly for the 1000th time…

I only ever really learn a lesson or “get over something” once I take complete responsibility for the ways I was off in the situation. Once I am able to “give away” my hurt and bear the easy weight of self-responsibility, there’s a fluidness and a sense of rightness that (I am sure) feels a thousand times better than winning at being a victim.

The surge of power and well-being I feel in my body when I get over that hump, where I’m no longer trying to defend anything (including all the ways I was actually right in my wrongness) feels so good, so right. I feel so capable, so nimble, and so available for connection and service.

What I am also realizing is that it’s not enough to rest at that point, to call it good, to slip back and self-admire. I have to double-down on the increased capability I earn with that learning – and keep that muscle firing – if I truly want to grow the size of the lessons (and opportunities) that will next be made available to me. If I want to move up a level.

Because the real prize isn’t self-knowledge. It’s other people TRUSTING you with that self-knowledge.

Big, huge, major difference.

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