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A powerful realization that finally landed for me in 2017:

I no longer chase people.

I used to chase people
So badly
wanted to be liked
wanted to be seen

if they only knew me
saw my brilliance
they would realize they were making a mistake!
in not liking me

Anyway this year
that shit died
like a dog in a ditch

From now on
wherever I’m going
whatever I’m making
it’s the people and the energy
around me, with me and in me
that’re gonna eat first at my table

That’s a wide crew, actually
come to think of it

And it’s not so that I can say
see I told you
when they come back around
I don’t care who they even are
if they come back around
or not

It’s not a shift in personnel
it’s not a shift in attitude
it’s a shift in where I get my energy from
and what I actually think about myself
and what I learned about how
creation actually is made
do you feel me?
it’s not even about the people or things
it’s about some other layer in the how I do

So for all you people with me!
whenever and wherever
and even whoever
and you don’t have to like me or even agree with me
you don’t even have to be reading this

but to MY people
from here on out
you get the good shit

My real, undivided, solid gold

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