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Following the Soul

Making sense of it all not analytically, but with a downward opening. Feeling in the dark, the next open room of context that makes sense of all the previous. Mostly just feeling right and most most of all feeling particular and specific. Deeply me, not from a long time ago, but honoring all that with the best and clearest I have available now.

Marked by a somatic recognition, downward, a seizure of felt opportunity instantly confirmed in countless ways felt and known by a depth I recognize as me. This is what I mean when I say follow the soul. It is out of time, but in the body.

It is all of this and none of this, ungraspable and yet the guiding vibrational template we instinctively press against all imagined and actual experience, that we might string together conscious, awakened choice and, in the choosing, fall back into blessed dance with The Larger One, who is capable of not only hearing our choices but responding, miraculously, moment to moment, with His/Her own wild syntax, that on a deep level we see and hear and regard and feel and know as homecoming.

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