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I gave a talk the other night in the Kiva at True Nature Healing Arts in Carbondale, Colorado. It’s sweet for me to feel the relationship with that space and that valley grow. I feel a lovely kind of crush sparking inside me for new people and places, including the Roaring Fork. Even as I can feel the men’s work evolving inside me, I can feel the outer reflections offering me a slow but reassuring confirmation that the work is worth it and that people want it, even if it feels like the smallest drop in the bucket in the world.

There’s still time to sign up for the workshop this Saturday, entitled “A Council Way: Village-Making Daylong for Men.” Also the workshop the weekend of April 12-14, entitled “Wild Innocence: A Weekend for Men.” These links take you straight to the Eventbrite pages for each.

The tech didn’t cooperate so even though I have video for the whole talk (~20 minutes plus 20 min Q+A), the audio didn’t record! Here’s a still:


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