I’m a guy who’s been there

I struggled with the question “What do you do?” for the first 30 years of my life. I guess the reason I couldn’t answer in a single sentence is because the question itself lives so close to the question “Who are you?” My journey to becoming my answer is who I am as a men’s coach.

Who I am… is what I believe.

〉 I believe in the absolute necessity of an examined life, and in the power of presence to open wild possibilities.

〉 I believe in the opportunity to be claimed – beyond the smallness of our lives- if we have the courage to surrender to a life of belonging.

〉 I believe in the vital role of discomfort – whether it be pain or longing – to wake us up from the lazy privilege that keeps us numb.

〉 I believe that our losses do not define us, but that they make us who we are.

The Soul. A mysteriously deep conviction. An imagined future. A powerful dream. A last chance. The one life you can call your own. A Home. That’s what I believe in. It’s how I became who I am.

Pieter Van Winkle is a leadership coach and men’s group leader

He weaves a depth of compassion, a natural style, and a host of somatic, relational and creative technologies to guide men deeper into their truth, their soul, and their role as fathers, leaders, artists and visionaries — in a time when many people have given up on men.

Pieter gratefully resides on a farmstead home in Western Colorado with his family. He is also a farmer, ceramicist, naturalist and pilot.

Stories of Success

The time I spent with Pieter was one of the most transformative moments of my life. The work we did was medicinal. Pieter helped me find my edge and gave me the space to explore, take comfort, and expand. He truly cares about our role as men in the world. It can be hard at times to be a man in this world. As men cannot simply shut off our testosterone-fueled evolutionary instincts, but we cannot ignore our present day calling to be more tender and open-hearted. Pieter has found a way to allow these ideas to live in harmony inside of us. He understands that movement of the body is essential for creating the space we need to live in harmony with ourselves.


Instantly, upon working with Pieter, I recognized a man that has been doing his work. Astute and eloquent in his reflections of my experience, he helped me feel camaraderie and honor. His skill humbly revealed that we were on this journey together.”

Jonah Jensenearthwaysjourneys.com