Here’s what you’ll gain from a FREE connect call

〉Learn to discern between the voices of inner criticism, second-guessing and doubting – and gain clarity around how they’ve held you back

〉 Experience a profound shift in perspective that takes you from feeling overwhelmed by life’s difficulty to feeling like you can actually master – and surf – your emotional truth

〉Get an affirmation and an awareness of the deeper purpose trying to birth itself through you

〉Connect with someone who sees and values things in you that you may not see and value in yourself, and empower yourself to take the next step

〉Get used to having your gifts seen, recognized, valued – and be challenged to live into them in a bigger way than you ever thought possible.

Start close in,
don’t take the second step
or the third,
start with the first thing
close in,
the step you don’t want to take.
David Whyte


Making a shift towards greater depth, meaning and intimacy in our lives is scary on many different levels.

We’re afraid of changing our lives because we fear that in doing so, all the things we’ve worked so hard to build will fall apart.

We’re scared of both having everything we want – or losing it all – because if we get what we want, we could lose it, but if we don’t get what we want, we’re not sure life is worth living.

And so we self-sabotage our reality to stay safe from actual fulfillment, true satisfaction and a liberating wholeness.

In these moments, we all need someone to believe in us, to help us see the frightening potential crying out at the core of our soul.

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About Pieter Van Winkle

Pieter Van Winkle is a leadership coach and men’s group leader. He weaves a depth of compassion, a natural style, and a host of somatic, relational and creative technologies to guide men deeper into their truth, their soul, and their role as fathers, leaders, artists and visionaries — in a time when many people have given up on men.

Pieter says, “I love working with men who are ready to transform their lives but don’t know where to begin, men who know what they want but are stuck in their own way, men who have incredible gifts but never got the tools to believe in themselves. I work with diamonds in the rough – because I was one.”

Pieter gratefully resides on a farmstead home in Western Colorado with his family. He is also a father, ceramicist, naturalist and pilot.

Stories of Success

You really listened and were with me fully. You heard me, you connected, you knew what I was talking about. You didn't project your own stuff, your own past on me. You were clean, you did your own work - by far the greatest thing.

Craig Holliday

Pieter is an incredible facilitator of growth and integration. His insight and guidance encouraged me to ripen into a better version of myself and to show up as a stronger husband and father. Pieter has a unique offering of holding space and helping others cultivate heart, mind, and spirit in an embodied way.

Noah Goldstein

You have this way of staying positive while helping me stay with the pain. Every conversation with you feels sacred.

J, Maine