Deep, starry nights… Crisp, cool mornings… Fresh local produce…

This and the magical North Fork Valley watershed combine to support you in doing your soul-centric transformation work. Offering sessions for individuals and couples, we offer anyone interested to reach out to experience how a private intensive can benefit your life and overall wellness.

With food and lodging covered for all private sessions, individuals will have the option to eat and stay both on and off-site. Both single and multi-day private intensives take place at Pieter’s farmstead/retreat center Hucklebone Farm in Western Colorado.

You will experience


to express and explore your body and mind, combined with tender guidance and advice from someone who has been there.

Personal interaction

as you enjoy your time together with a focus on you and your needs.

You time

away from all your stresses and worries, free to enjoy the refreshing delights of the North Fork Valley with great company.

Stories of Success

You really listened and were with me fully. You heard me, you connected, you knew what I was talking about. You didn't project your own stuff, your own past on me. You were clean, you did your own work - by far the greatest thing.

Craig Holliday

I recently really enjoyed listening to your podcast with Jeff. Thank you! It really helped me to understand my son and my partner more so I can support them better.

Bethany Raven